Montessori Methodology

Montessori Education is fundamentally a model of human development, and an educational approach given by Dr. Maria Montessori and based on that particular model a complete new methodology is designed. The basic elements of that model are based on environment and planes of development. The phrase ‘prepared environment’ refers to a well-thought out environment, classroom or home, designed with the child in mind. The goal of the prepared environment is to foster independence in the child and is executed with Mixed Age Group class. The planes of development reflect the phase wise development where preschoolers are come under first plane of development from age group 0 to 6 years. The child experiences significant physical and psychological growth in this period and finds himself engaged in the process of developing the psychological self and improving physical independence. 

These activities are of prime importance and are designed to provide the child with the skills they need to be successful for preschool prep program. The child gets to know the sort, grasp and make comparisons. It helps in building motor skills and cognitive skills.


Activities here build on the child's natural interest and help him develop good work habits, concentration, eye-hand coordination, a lengthened attention span and control of his or her body movement. It includes pouring, sorting, food preparation, care of self, care of environment and grace and courtesy lessons.

Nothing comes to intellect when it is not in senses. Sensorial curriculum promotes the development and refinement of the five sense. Children learn through their senses and all materials in a Montessori environment provide learning through touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing or hands-on movements.

Language program is a curriculum supporting the natural ability and love for language. The program begins with story- telling, sound games with objects, and eventually children are introduces to grammar skills by Sr. KG. Reading and Writing forms a part of an abstract intellectual culture.


Every child has a "Mathematical Mind" and that when they are given the opportunity to explore math with practical teaching aids the results are easier to comprehend. With mathematics curriculum we cover recognition of math patterns, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, skip counting.

The Culture curriculum of Montessori is mix of Science, Geography, Music and Art. It provides a wide array of activities including learning about the continents of the world and their uniqueness such as animals and habitats.