About Us

Kids Republic is a unit of Tripada Learning solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kids Republic emphasizes learning the fundamentals of life which takes the child through the Montessori and Play way methodology where the environment is rich in motives which lends interest to activities and invites students to create their own learning experiences.


We seek to provide a second home for the children where they are Engaged, Engrossed and actively participate in overall developmental activities, which leads them to become Confident and Curious Lifelong learners.


We at Kids Republic promote quality Education which empowers young learners with traits such as confidence, Self-realization, Responsible and compassionate. We commit to prepare our young learners to lead themselves before leading the world.


  • Enhance learning through play with stimulating environment
  • To identify the unique talent of the child by providing them enough exposure
  • To bestow each child with joyous experience for a smooth transition from Informal to Formal learning environment.
  • To satisfy their inquisitive young mind by channelizing their potential in a guided way.
  • Each child encounters the creative spaces that allow for the discovery and that will activate their imagination.


We believe that young children learn best through prepared environments of Montessori Method and Frobel Method. Our students learn with activity-oriented teaching aids, mixed age groups and well-trained educators. Our children carry this journey with joy, peace, independence love and care.

Our program distinguishes itself in its hands-on, engaging methods with practical approach and experiential learning. The breadth of the curriculum offered brings out the innate ability of each child studying with us. Our children, staff and the environment are the reflection of our believe.